To help defray increasing costs, on April 1, 2009 Mathews Volunteer Rescue Squad began a billing process for services. Our partner in the billing process is MD Associates in Kilmarnock (see contact information below).

Although we are now billing for our ambulance service, Mathews County citizens pay no out-of-pocket costs for Rescue Squad services.

If you have insurance, either private or through Medicare or both, as a citizen of Mathews County you personally will NOT be charged for our services. Mathews County partially subsides the Squad operations. Therefore, you have already paid any applicable co-pay for our services.

Insurance companies of non-residents to Mathews County will be billed for our services and if there are additional amounts due after insurance, they will receive a personal invoice for our services.

Any questions about billing should be directed to Lisa Conway, Treasurer (725-2800).

The address of the billing company is: MD Associates
P.O. Box 2080
Kilmarnock, VA 22482
Tel 804-435-3508